What are the various skin problems one can get after sex

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What are the various skin problems one can get after sex

A lot of changes take place inside your body during the physical intimacy. Thus, a lot of hormones also releases in your body which is responsible for the various kinds of changes in the body. These changes can either be good or bad for our body. Your skin undergoes a lot of changes as well. Many people do not even know about the various skin problems that one undergoes after indulging in a physical relationship. Some of the changes are normal and disappear on their own while some skin problems are quite serious. Some of these are sexually transmitted infections as well. One can protect their skin and body from all these infections with a prior knowledge about the same. Thus, let’s discuss various skin problems that happen due to a physical relationship. (Also read: What are the reasons that bring changes in your vagina with age)

What are the various skin problems one can get after sex?

Latex and lube allergy
If you are undergoing itching after sexual relationship and your partner have used a latex condom, then you must be allergic to latex. Thus, you must use some other contraceptive method. If you feel uneasy because of the use of lubricant then use an organic lubricant and the one free from the chemical.

Yeast infection
If your partner is having any kind of skin infection then you might undergo a yeast infection. This is not a sexually transmitted disease but can happen due to the changes taking place in the body after the sexual relationship. This leads to itching and discharges from the vagina. (Also read: How various herbs help in the growth of breasts naturally)


Though sexual relationships bring a glow to your skin, it may lead to pimples on your skin as well. During the physical intercourse, there is a direct contact with the skin, sweat, oil of the skin. Thus, the bacteria and germs get transmitted from one partner to another and lead to pimples on the face.


Herpes is one of the sexually transmitted diseases which spreads during a physical relationship. It leads to herpes on your genitals and your oral organs, It can occur anywhere in your body. Thus, one must make a well protected sexual relationship.

Genital warts
This skin disease occurs because of the Human papillomavirus. It causes rashes n the thighs. After the removal of pubic hair, the direct contact between skin leads to the problem of genital herpes. (Also read: What are the various changes that take place in the vagina after childbirth)

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