What are the various signs that you must see a gynaecologist

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What are the various signs that you must see a gynaecologist

Sometimes even the minutest problems indicate the biggest health issues. We usually tend to ignore these small health issues and they eventually turn out into some big troubles in near future. One needs to read the signs and symptoms that the body shows in order to prevent them turning into big troubles. A gynaecologist can help you come out of those problems and treat those issues at an early stage so that they do not turn into something more grave. So ladies, watch out the signs your body suggests so that you do not have any trouble later on in life. (Also read: What are the various things that women must know about pre-ejaculation)

What are the various signs that you must see a gynaecologist

Excessive bleeding during periods: Spotting and bleeding are one of the most troublesome issues in women. This is due to the contraceptive pills that woman takes. Sometimes it increases the flow of blood so much so that the situation becomes out of control. It causes weakness in the body. It may be because of various issues like piles, fibroids, ulcers, pelvic infection etc. So, consult your doctor immediately.

Too much cramps during periods: Cramps during periods is acceptable, however, too much cramps may make the situation intense. If the pain is beyond the control or unbearable, it may suggest a serious health issue. You must visit the doctor if you are unable to get rid of the pain even after 2 days and medicines. (Also read: What are the easiest ways for women to look young and erase those ageing signs)

Excessive pain during sexual relationship: Pain during the intercourse is quite normal. It can be reduced by making changes in the sexual positions. But the intensive pain may suggest something more serious. It might suggest the problem of endometriosis. The sudden pain may be because of the cyst inside the ovaries. Even the pelvic inflammatory disease also cause pain during the sexual relationship. The signs of these diseases are not much visible. Thus, one must contact the doctor as soon as possible.

Dryness in vagina: Dryness in the vagina is one of the most common problems in the woman. It might be because of the lack of foreplay during the intercourse. However, if you are encountering this problem on daily basis then you must visit your doctor. This might be because of the hormonal changes in the body that leads to vaginal dryness.

Swelling, itching and pain in vagina: If the swelling in vagina and pain often stay for around 36 hours after the intercourse, you may be allergic to latex. Most of the condoms are made up of latex and leads to swelling and itching in the vagina. You can either change the type of protection you are using or consult your doctor to find a permanent relief to the problem. (Also read: What are the different shapes of breasts that a woman can have)

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