What are the various myths and facts about sagging of breasts

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What are the various myths about sagging of breasts

No matter what kind of breast shape you have, however sagging of breasts can be one of the causes of concern. There are many causes of loosening of the breasts. Some of the unhealthy habits of the women like smoking, wearing wrong size bra etc. are some of the major reasons behind the sagging of breasts. Some women think that they wear and thus their breasts will never sag, however, this is far from reality. A bra can never stop the gravity. A lot of myths about the sagging of breasts are prevailing amongst the ladies. These myths lead to a lot of false information and thus impacts the health of your breasts. All the ladies should be well aware of the real facts about breasts. (Also read: Why wearing an ordinary bra during the breastfeeding is not safe)

What are the various myths about sagging of breasts?

Myth: Wearing of bra does not lead to sagging of breasts
Most of the times, women think that wearing a bra does not lead to the loosening of the breasts. Though bra helps to lift the breasts and also make them firm. But that does not help to stop the sagging of breasts. The breasts of women lose firmness because of the natural factors.

Truth: Sagging of breasts take place as you grow old
As you age and grow old, the connective tissues get stretched by the Cooper’s ligament. This ligament helps to keep the breasts firm and intact. These are made up of collagen and elastin that starts breaking down as you grow old. Thus, the breasts start sagging. (Also read: What are the various foods which are harmful to the vaginal health)

Myth: Doing the right exercise do not lead to sagging of breasts
This is not the truth. You can never stop the sagging of breasts that take place because of the exercising. Breasts are made up of fats but not the muscles. Thus, exercising does not help in saving the breasts from sagging.

Myth: Breastfeeding leads to sagging of breasts
This is just a mere myth. Breastfeeding does not lead to sagging of breasts. During pregnancy, the shape and the size of the breasts increases. This size remains same during breastfeeding. After you stop breastfeeding the child, the breasts get back into proper shape again. But this does not lead disturb the firmness of the breasts.

Truth: Smoking and sunrays lead to sagging of breasts
Smoking is one of the leading factors that lead to sagging of breasts. Besides this, when you come in direct contact with the harmful rays of the Sun, it leads to the loosening of the breasts. This impacts the collagen present in your skin. (Also read: What are the unhealthy habits that lead to irregular periods)

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