What are the various changes that take place in the vagina after childbirth

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What are the various changes that take place in vagina after child birth

A lot of changes happen in a woman’s life after the birth of the child. You give a birth to a new life through your own body. Thus, a woman has to undergo a lot of physical changes in the body. When a woman gives birth to a child, then during delivery the child passes from the cervix to vagina and then comes out. Thus, the opening of the vagina stretches out to make space for the baby. Eventually, after the birth of the baby, a lot of changes take place inside the entire body of the mother, thus the vagina as well. These changes can be very normal as the body does not remain same as it was earlier. You should know about these changes in the vagina to be aware of them. (Also read: What are the various reasons for the sudden increase in the breast size)

What are the various changes that take place in the vagina after childbirth?

Most of the women complain about the vaginal dryness after delivery. Because of breastfeeding the level of estrogen falls in the body of the woman. This eventually brings a lot of hormonal changes in the body and there is vaginal dryness.

Pain in the vagina
The part between vagina and anus is known as perineum and is the part of vagina only. There are chances of breakage of the perineum during the childbirth. If you feel the pain, quite a long time after the pregnancy, then there is a possibility that there is a break in the perineum. (Also read: What are the various signs that you must see a gynaecologist)

Stretching of vagina
After the birth of the baby, the vagina stretches a lot. The size and the health of the baby is the deciding factor for the amount of stretch that the vagina undergoes. Besides this, if you have undergone pelvic exercise or any other workout then it may affect your vagina.

Change in the colour
After the childbirth, there can be a change in the colour of your vulva or the outer surface of the vagina. Thus, there is nothing to worry about this factor.

Blood discharge
After the birth of the baby, for few weeks you can complain about the discharge from the vagina. This discharge might include mucus, blood, oily discharge etc. As the weeks pass after the delivery, the colour and the type of discharge might change. (Also read: What are the effective natural ways to treat the problem of UTI in women)

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