Why Your Vagina Is Too Itchy During Periods

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Why Your Vagina Is Too Itchy During Periods

You may have noticed that your vagina becomes itchier during your periods. You may think that it is happening because of bacteria and germs. But, the reasons are more than just bacterial interference. Women during periods behave uneasily and do not open up much. That is why the reasons and facts leading periods and its problems remain concealed only. Hence, we have comes up with the reasons why vagina becomes too itchy during periods more. Have a look at the following. (Also Read: What Are The Good And Bad Effects Of Using A Feminine Wash)

Excessive inflammation:
You have inflammation in your body and that is why your vagina is itchy. This itchiness increases during your periods because of the blood secretion and itching. So, if you are a woman, you need to treat your inflammation faster than man.

The old blood extensions:
When you are on your periods, the cycle may long for more than a week. So, when you reach the end of your cycle, the old blood secretion makes your vagina itchy and swelled sometimes. So, during periods many doctors suggest to drink more water to clear the toxins faster. (Also Read: What Are The Personal Hygiene Tips That Every Woman Should Follow)

Bacterial interference:
When you get your periods, this process becomes gross. When women wear a pad for a long time. The blood comes out it takes out dead eggs and cells too which lead to bacterial interference in your vagina and the pad. That is why many women get crazy itching.

Allergic reaction:
Do you know which type of pad suits your vaginal skin more? There are various types of pads or sanitary napkins for various skins. Many women can not wear cottony soft pads as they can react with the skin. However, many women prefer cottony soft surface to protect the vagina. Moreover, after every three-four hours, your sanitary napkin should be changed. Otherwise, the damp cotton reacts allergic to your skin and make your vagina itchy and let you feel uneasy.

Not maintaining basic hygiene:
Every woman has to take a huge care of hygiene during periods. From washing the vagina thoroughly to changing the sanitary napkins on time. Your vagina becomes bloody and you know when to wash it and how. You can use a very mild feminine wash to make it out of bacteria and to maintain the pH balance. (Also Read: What Are The Ways In Which Your Periods Disturb Your Skin)

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