What Do The Various Types Of Vaginal Odour Suggest About The Heath

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What Do The Various Types Of Vaginal Odour Suggest About The Heath

We all know that vagina has its own kind of smell and it changes when there is a slight change in the health condition. In fact, every vagina has friendly bacteria which protect the pH balance and maintains vaginal hygiene. But, the smell depends on person to person. But, sometimes, your vagina may tell you that your physical condition is not going well. These different types of odours can be the sign of your overall health conditions. Hence, we have come up with these various types of vaginal odour which will tell about your health. Have a look: (Also Read: What Are The Rules Every Woman Should Follow To Maintain Vaginal Health)

Yeasty odour:
The yeasty odour comes when your vagina discharges which thick, cottage cheese-like discharge. This condition happens quite often with many women. Alongside, if you see the external vaginal wall becomes red and itchy, face difficulty in peeing, you need to consult your doctor. This may happen when the diabetic women tend to grow more glucose in their vaginal secretions.

Fishy odour:
The most probable reason for having a fishy odour to the vagina is bacterial vaginosis. The pH balance of the vaginal skin becomes a wrack because of the bacteria. Bacterial vaginosis does not thrive any health issues until you take a good care of it and maintain the hygiene. (Also Read: What Are The Warning Signs Say The Your Vagina Is Unhealthy)

Musky odour:
If your vagina is smelling musky, the reason can be you are wearing certainly uncomfortable or synthetic underwear. Other than that, exercise and non-breathable knickers can cause a musky smell to your vagina. All you need to know is, just maintain more cleanliness and maintain a good hygiene.

Metalic odour:
Metalic smell generally comes from blood. During periods your vagina’s pH balance becomes disrupted. So, the vagina starts smelling like copper or tin. This metallic odour should go away once the blood is cleaned and your period ends. This is nothing like a serious problem.

Rotten odour:
This rotten odour is nothing but the smell of menstrual blood. Although, if you maintain a good hygiene, this smell does not bother you. But make sure you do not use the tampon or the pad for a long time. The growth of bacteria causes bad odour. Thus, you can avoid it by frequently changing your pad. (Also Read: What Are The Possible Causes Of Vaginal Itching)

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