How To Get Rid Of Yeast Infection When You Are On Your Period

How To Treat A Yeast Infection When You Are On Your Period

Having yeast infection during menstruation or period is very common. The period is usually a painful phase as it leads to severe cramps. But having the yeast infection especially during this time can make your menstruation even worse. This mostly happens for few reasons. Wearing a wet pad for a longer time, a continuous dampness to your urinal pipe and the dead cells and eggs can provoke bacteria to thrive more. You can try some homely ways to get rid of yeast infections during your periods. To know this, have a look at the following. (Also Read: What Are Your Regular Habits That Can Lead To Yeast Infection)

How To Treat A Yeast Infection When You Are On Your Period?

Hygiene, Of course!
During periods having an eye on your hygiene is the best thing to do. If you have a yeast infection during this time, you have to make sure you wash your vagina often. Doing this keeps the bacteria away and gives you a healthy menstruation. Change your sanitary pad or tampons in every 2-4 hours. Also, do wash your vagina with intimate care gel every time.

Consume healthy foods:
If your diet is good, your period blood will be out of excessive toxins which create yeast infection. Drink a lot of fruit juices, milk and coconut water. This will help you have a good flow and fewer clots. Also, eat various nuts, avocado, apple, green leafy vegetables etc. (Also Read: What Are The Possible Causes Of Vaginal Itching)

Eat anti-bacterial foods:
During periods it is important to eat anti-bacterial and antioxidant foods more. It will prevent you to develop yeast infections. Thus, eat garlic, ginger, lemons, coconut oil etc. The antibacterial properties present in these foods will help to prevent the yeast infection naturally.

Be careful while using tampons:
As you all know wearing tampons can help you soak the blood during menstruation. It is small cylindrical pouch which should be inserted into your vagina to restrict the flow of blood to come outside. But if the tampon is not clean and is exposed to the open air for a longer time, the dust and the bacterial interference will attack your vagina. This leads to yeast infection. So, use a clean tampon always and have a healthy period every time. (Also Read: What are the various after care Bikini wax tips one must follow)

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