What Are The Signs Of Ovulation Every Woman Should Know

What Are The Signs Of Ovulation Every Woman Should Know

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Ovulation is the process to release the eggs from the ovary in the woman’s body. It usually happens at the mid-point of the menstrual cycle. It means 14 days prior to starting the periods of a woman who has normal 18 days of the cycle. Women usually know the basis of ovulation. But how many of them know what actually happens and what are the signs that show you are ovulating? Yes! Ovulation shows some signs in every woman’s body. So, here we are going to talk about this. Hope this helps every woman to understand the body changes during this natural process. (Also Read: What Can Be The Causes Of Constant Menstrual Bleeding)

You may prone to fall sick this time:
During the ovulation, a woman body tends to lose her immunity. It actually allows the sperms to survive inside your body and prevents your immune system to kill them. So, this sometimes makes you fall sick. In fact, this time may lead to STD infections easily.

Cervix becomes soft:
The cervix generally becomes soft this time. Its softness allows the sperms to slide inside the woman’s body. So, this encourages your body to get pregnant easily. That is why even doctors suggest making love during this time if you want to have a baby. (Also Read: What are the various after care Bikini wax tips one must follow)

You may feel little pain in your body parts:
Although this does not happen to every woman. But still, this signs of ovulation are quite common. This pain mostly happens when your ovary releases the egg. Many women feel a little cramp in their abdominal area this time.

The changes of cervical mucus:
The cervical mucus becomes thicker this time as it helps the sperms to make a woman pregnant. By doing this the woman body tries to make it easier for the sperms to work better. The mucus looks like egg whites this time. The thickness and the colour of your mucus discharge will be a little different which you can even check.

Your sex drive is higher than usual:
This is the time when your sex drive becomes high. This is during the middle of the cycle. This happens because the body releases testosterone more during this time. So, this makes the libido higher. (Also Read: What Are The Healthy Choices Women Should Make Before They Turn 30)

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