What Signs of sexual health a woman should not ignore

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What Signs of sexual health a woman should not ignore

We ignore our personal health due to the chaotic routines. But maintaining a good sexual health is mandatory for every human being around the world. What could be more rejoice than living a life blessed with good and satisfactory health? Sometimes, women encounter some major changes in their body and they ignore them without paying much heed. Do we actually know what those symptoms are suggesting to us? So, here we have listed certain sexual health symptoms that women should not avoid.

Changes in breasts:

Prevention is better than cure! If you feel itchiness, an uneven size of your breasts or lumps then it’s time you should take immediate medical help. They might be suggesting something more serious like cancer. (Also read: How to improve your sexual health through diet)

Bloating in the stomach:

Bloating in the stomach could be for various reasons and ovarian cancer is one of them. If you encounter bloated stomach for a longer period of time, urinating more often, lower back pain or pelvic pain than seeing a medical expertise is the best resort you should seek. All these symptoms might be indicating something more serious than what we think. (Also read: How does depression affect your sexual health)

The irregularity of menstrual bleeding:

We all are well aware of our periods. A slight here and there is taken lightly by us but problems like an irregular periodic cycle, bleeding after menopause, unusual spotting should be taken seriously. It is time you should see your gyne before the condition becomes more severe.

Vaginal discharge:

Vaginal discharge is quite normal during the ovulation time but a foul-smelling unusual discharge is something that needs medical attention. Make sure you fix an appointment soon with your doctor soon!

Excessive pain during sex:

A slight pain during the intercourse is next to normal but an unbearable pain that makes you avoid sex is something risky. It could either be some vaginal infection, ovarian cyst or maybe pelvic inflammatory disease and such problems need proper medication.

Prolonged fatigue:

Fatigue is one of the most chronic kinds of tiredness. It hinders your routine work and even a day’s long rest can’t mend your tiredness. What should be done in this worn out situation, is something that occupies your mind majorly? See a doctor and get the necessary medication done.


Red, inflamed, itchy rash on the skin could be an indication of your body’s exposure to something harsh or allergic thing. It might be because of your skin’s intolerance to latex condoms or maybe some lubricant that you might have used.


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