What are the side effects of using tampons

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What are the side effects of using tampons

Over the period of time, tampons have become one of the highly used menstrual product. But like sanitary pads, these tampons have certain side effects as well. While we prioritize hygiene, we must look at the negative side effects of using tampons. Though tampons are easy to carry and give you proper comfort while you are into sports activities and travel a lot. It does not lead to uneasiness like that of sanitary pads. But still, there are certain short falls of the same. Though tampons have various benefits with regard to its comfort and painless wear, yet it is in a way a foreign object inside your body for a particular period of time. Thus, we should be aware of the side effects of using tampons in detail. (Also read: Important Menstruation Hygiene Tips Every Girl Should Follow)

Here are the side effects of using tampons during the menstrual cycle:

Lead to bad odour: Be it a tampon or a sanitary pad, both of them can lead to bad odour if left for a longer period of time. They are not too much into the body, that we can’t sense the smell. As the tampon contains loads of menstrual blood, we can’t expect better. So, either change your tampon after every 3 hours or use sanitary pads which are more easy to change.

Made up of harsh chemicals: Tampons are made up of harsh chemicals which usually considered as risky for the health of the women. They contain chlorine, pesticides and chemicals that are harmful to the skin of the women. Thus, one should try to avoid using a tampon. (Also read: How to get rid of the rashes under breast area)

Lead to irritation: As tampon is completely inserted into the vagina, they lead to vaginal irritation. Usually, women who use tampon do not change it quite often. Thus they remain in direct contact with the skin for a long period of time. It may lead to rashes, irritation, burning sensation and rashes as well. They can in a way lead to long term vaginal infection.

Increases the risk of serious diseases: The presence of chlorine in the tampons leads to the increased risk of breast cancer, cervical cancer, endometriosis and much more. Though there are much more reasons that contribute to the increased risk of cancer, while tampons might prove one of the most prominent. (Also read: What are the various menstrual problems)

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