Sanitary pads Hygiene: How many times you need to change your pad during periods

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How many times you need to change your pad during periods

The number of times you need to change your pad during periods

During periods, every woman uses sanitary pads according to their convenience. Women, especially during periods, need to pay special attention to their body. Periods are different for every woman. Some women have periods of 3-4 days, some of them have 7-8 days. Just like the duration of periods, the bleeding flow is also different. It is said that during every period of every month, 40 millilitres of blood is released from the body of women. However, it is not okay to keep or to use a pad for too long. It can damage the natural chemicals present in the vagina. Therefore, it should be changed at the right time. So let’s tell you how many times you need the pad change during the periods. (Also read: What all you need to know about a menstrual migraine)

How often should you change your pad during your periods

  • How many times do you need to change your pad
  • What kind of pads should you use
  • Why is hygiene important during periods

How many times do you need to change your pad?

The number of times you need to change your pad during periods
It is important to change your pad after 4 hours

Changing the pad during periods depends on the blood flow. As mentioned above blood flow is different for every woman. However, women should change the pad every 4 hours during the normal blood flow period. It should always be kept in mind that if your pad is clean and dry then the blood is locked in the pad. If you feel that there are no chances of infection, then it is a misconception because the micro-organisms begin to accumulate. If you have a heavy flow then change it more frequently. (Also read: What are the things that affect your periods)

What kind of pads should you use?
There are several types of the sanitary pad on the market. You can use it according to your convenience. Women should use a cotton pad and avoid using scented pads.  (Also read: What are the causes of heavy bleeding during periods)

Why is hygiene important during periods?
During periods your intimate part is directly in presence of blood. This can lead to infection if continue to use a single pad for a prolonged time period. It is very crucial to maintain your hygiene no matter what kind of bleeding you face.

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So, make sure you keep yourself safe and healthy during periods. Click the link to read this article n Hindi.

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