What Are The Rules Every Woman Should Follow To Maintain Vaginal Health

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What Are The Rules Every Woman Should Follow To Maintain Vaginal Health

Women should always stay concern about the vagina. To maintain a good vaginal health, every woman needs to know about few things. From maintaining the hygiene to going through a menstrual cycle, pregnancy and many more, your vagina has to stay healthy. In fact, your vaginal health directly affects your physical health sometimes. Cleaning it regularly is not just enough. There are many more things which can help the vagina to stay healthy. Hence, we have come up with some tips for your vagina to keep it healthy. (Also Read: How To Avoid And Soothe Sanitary Napkin Rashes)

Maintain a Healthy Diet:
If you regularly follow a healthy and effective diet, it will make your vagina stay healthy. Drink a plenty of water, fruit juices which can play the key rule to vaginal and reproductive wellbeing. There are certain foods which make your vagina stay healthy. Eat yoghurt every day as it has probiotics which restrict bacterial interference. Other than that eat less acidic and junk foods.

Safe and protected sex:
If you are sexually active, always use a condom while having sex until you are planning to conceive. Otherwise, unprotected sex can be harmful to over sensitive vaginal area. Furthermore, there will be chances of having STDs like HIV, genital herpes, syphilis, gonorrhoea, genital warts, and chlamydia. So, keep your vagina healthy and safe. (Also Read: What Are The Good And Bad Effects Of Using A Feminine Wash)

Meet your gynaecologist for preventive Care:
You may think that without any issues there is no concern to meet a gynaecologist. But, your vaginal health is on your hand. You may not know when your vaginal discharge is abnormal which can make you think about your overall health once again. Other than that, if you are sexually active, your every step of taking a pill to having unprotected sex, should be known to your gynaecologist.

A little consciousness while working out:
While working we choose many types of machinery. These machines workouts can harm your vagina unknowingly. For example, when you do cycling, leg stretches and other workouts, it can affect your vaginal muscles and can fetch a sprain which can be harmful. Hence, try wearing padded shorts and follow safety tips while working out.

Stop douching:
Douching is using vinegar water to clean your vagina. But this process can interfere your normal vaginal pH balance. Reducing acidic products can hamper the vaginal health and make you suffer from skin problems. But if your vagina has a strong odour, you can use a mild feminine wash to get rid of these problems. (Also Read: What Are The Personal Hygiene Tips That Every Woman Should Follow)

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