What Are The Possible Causes Of Vaginal Itching

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What Are The Possible Causes Of Vaginal Itching

Many women usually ignore vaginal itching. But, have you ever thought that why does your vagina itch repeatedly? Let us tell you one thing clearly that, only yeast infection is not the reason for your vaginal itching. There are other reasons too. These causes may lead to a serious health issue and need medical guidance to keep the vagina healthy. It can be certain skin disorders, inflammation and even serious STDs. So, here we are going to discuss the causes of vaginal itching. Hope this article may help you t to be a little aware of your vaginal health. Have a look! (Also Read: Why Your Vagina Is Too Itchy During Periods)

Bacterial vaginosis:
You may not know that our vagina contains natural bacteria. These bacteria help our vagina to stay healthy. But, when these good bacteria get killed by the harmful ones, it can lead to infection. It not only causes itching but an inflammation, burning, vaginal discharge and a fishy odour as well.

Yeast infection:
Vaginal yeast infection is a very common condition amongst most of the women who have the problem of vaginal itching. This infection appears when the yeast or Candida, grow excessively in the vagina. Pregnancy, intercourse, antibiotics, immune system can trigger yeast infection in women. (Also Read: What Are The Rules Every Woman Should Follow To Maintain Vaginal Health)

Menopause can cause vaginal itching. During this time, the estrogen level drops and it ends reproductive power. This process can make your vaginal walls thin and dry. Hence, it is natural that the vaginal walls start itching. Not only itching, sometimes the burning and irritation increases too.

Sexually transmitted disease (STDs):
Sexually transmitted diseases can be dangerous for your genitals. These diseases start showing their symptoms with itching only. Some STDs like chlamydia, genital herpes, genital warts, trichomoniasis, and gonorrhoea causes vaginal itching.

Chemical Irritants:
This is a very common cause of having vaginal itching. Unknowingly, you may put cream, soap, lubricants which may hurt your vaginal walls and create an infection. That is why your vagina itches rigorously. Other than that, condom, sex toys, unhygienic penis, detergents, scented toilet paper can cause vaginal itching too. (Also Read: What Are The Warning Signs Say The Your Vagina Is Unhealthy)

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