What Are The Natural Remedies For PCOS Every Woman Should Know

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What Are The Natural Remedies For PCOS Every Woman Should Know

Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS is a very common problem of women. It is a problem through which ovaries start producing male hormones more than female ones. So, for that, the ovaries develop some fluid-filled cysts. This affects the metabolism and reacts on your overall health. It can increase the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure and infertility too. But a woman can tackle this situation by adopting some natural techniques. Some natural and homely treatments are enough to control this health issues easily. Here we are going to discuss the same. Have a look! (Also Read: What Are The Signs Of Ovulation Every Woman Should Know)

Losing weight if you are overweight:
To reduce your PCOS, you have to lose weight if your BMI exceeds the healthy range. Losing weight can regularize your menstrual cycle and gradually can accelerate the chances of your pregnancy. Moreover, weight loss drops the level of your blood glucose and you can see some improvements in your body.

Consume anti-inflammatory foods:
It is extremely important to eat anti-inflammatory food. It will help ovary to kill those cysts by soothing its walls. Not only this, these foods will also help to reduce weight, stabilise blood pressure, reduce cholesterol level etc. So, anti-inflammatory foods make a woman feel better while she is having the problem of PCOS. Foods like turmeric, ginger, garlic, olive oil, green vegetables, onions etc. are great to consume during this time. (Also Read: What Are The Foods One Must Eat If Suffering From PCOS)

Cinamon can regulate your periods and improve the level of your insulin too. Other than this, cinnamon is also anti-inflammatory, which is another reason you should take this spice regularly. You can drink cinnamon tea daily or can drink cinnamon powder drink twice daily.

Green tea:
Green tea is great to consume during this time. It reduces the testosterone level from your body to ensure that there is no more growth of the cysts in the body. Other than that green tea reduces the level of insulin. Drinking 2 cups in an entire day can be good for a woman who is suffering from PCOS.

Indian Gooseberry:
India gooseberries are extremely beneficial for PCOS. It is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. Hence, it can easily balance the hormonal fluctuation. So, it will gradually drop the cysts by doing the same. (Also Read: What Is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS))

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