How much vaginal discharge is normal for a woman

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How much vaginal discharge is normal for a woman

Vaginal discharge is one of the common phenomena of a woman’s body. It is a way of body functioning by which the vagina cleanses itself by its own. Thus in a way, our vagina keeps itself protected. However, too much of vaginal discharge may suggest something serious. If you are undergoing excess of vaginal discharge than normal, you must not ignore the sign as it may suggest something serious. It is true, that vaginal discharge increases with the change in normal routine of the woman. Too much exercise, consumption of birth control pills, emotional stress, sexual arousal etc. are some of the reasons that increase the vaginal discharge. (Also read: How to get rid of the yeast vaginal infection in a natural way)

However, there are many types of vaginal discharge and are of different colours. It may a sign of some yeast or bacterial infection in the vagina. Thus, a woman should stay alert and closely watch when she gets a vaginal discharge.

How much vaginal discharge is normal for a woman?

A normal and limited vaginal discharge is absolutely alright for the woman’s body. It helps to maintain the pH level of the vagina and encourages the growth of good bacteria down there. However, if the discharge has increased all of a sudden, it might be a signal of something unusual. It might indicate the beginning of your monthly cycle, a recent delivery or some hormonal changes in the body.

Besides this, an excess of vaginal discharge also suggests, the onset of some kind of infection. Yeast and bacterial infection are some of the most common problems in the vagina. These infections, all of a sudden boost the flow of vaginal discharge. Not just this, there are many types of vaginal discharge. A serious health issue or some kind of infection turns the type of vaginal discharge that outflows. (Also read: What are the various foods products that help to keep the vagina healthy)

If you notice, thick white fluid, fish like smelly discharge from the vagina you must visit your doctor and consult. This might be indicating something serious. Excess of vaginal discharge makes you internally weak and makes it quite uneasy for you. Not just this, it also impacts your menstrual cycle and might hinder the normal functioning of it.

Thus, in order to avoid such situation, you must eat a well-nourished diet and drink plenty of water. Besides this, one should always keep the area down there, clean and dry. Always wear clean and sweat free cloths. Not just this, try to avoid wearing tight and sticky cloths. Your vagina needs some fresh air to breathe. Too many tight cloths usually inculcate the growth of harmful bacteria down there. (Also read: What are the different types of vaginal bumps that every woman should be aware of)

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