Major Signs Of Hormonal Imbalance In Women Which Are Often Ignored

Major Signs Of Hormonal Imbalance In Women Which Are Often Ignored

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The hormones are the signalling molecules produced by various glands in the human body. The circulatory system transports these hormones to distant organs of the body to regulate the psychological and physical behaviour. The hormonal problems tend to occur more in the females due to their physical and emotional structure. Hormonal imbalance in the female body takes place in many ways. Thus, there are major signs of hormonal imbalance in females which are often ignored which you need to understand.


You often feel tired and nausea due to the hectic schedule. However, if this has become a routine and you cannot miss a day feeling weak and tired then your progesterone hormone may have risen. The rise in progesterone level makes the person feel sleepy and tired. Also, a thyroid hormone imbalance can also be the cause.

Lack Of Sleep:

If you are unable to sleep properly at night even after a long and tired day then the progesterone level may have decreased in your body. The increase in estrogen level can also cause you lack of sleep.


You may suffer from a headache time-to-time due to heavy work schedule or stress. However, if you are a continuous victim of a chronic headache then maybe your estrogen level has dropped in the body.

Problem In Breast:

The excess of estrogen in the body can cause pain and tenderness in the breasts which is often at the time of menstruation. Further, a fall in the estrogen level and make your breast feel less dense.

Irregular Periods:

The primary impact often caused due to hormonal imbalance is irregular periods. It happens due to the rise or fall of estrogen or progesterone level. The imbalance of thyroid hormone can also be a major cause.

Major Mood Swings:

You might get mood swings during your periods time and that is due to the imbalance of progesterone or estrogen level. However, if you are always in a mood swing zone then there might be a chemical imbalance of serotonin or dopamine level which make you feel depressed.

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