What are the leading causes of vaginal swelling

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What are the leading causes of vaginal swelling

Vaginal swelling is one of the leading cause for concern. It keeps happening to a woman time and again due to various reasons like periods, pregnancy or even the intercourse. Sometimes, infection in the vagina can also be the probable reason for the sudden swelling. However, one must remain conscious and should not ignore the causes of vaginal swelling. It may also suggest some serious health condition which requires immediate medical attention. Vaginal swelling is accompanied by mild fever, severe pain, bleeding and even inflammation in the vagina and the area around. Let’s discuss the leading causes of vaginal swelling in detail. (Also read:How to make vaginal wash naturally at home)

What are the leading causes of vaginal swelling?

Irritation from chemical products: We all use detergents to wash clothes, soaps for bathing and other chemical products. These products directly or indirectly come in the contact with a vagina and cause severe irritation. In fact, sanitary pads, tampoons, lubricant, vaginal wash may also lead to the swelling of the vagina. One must stop using such chemical based product immediately and switch to natural products.

Yeast infection: Yeast infection is one of the most common problems in the women. It occurs due to the growth of Candida fungal in and around the vagina. It leads to pain in the vagina, white discharge, inflammation, pain during intercourse etc. One must consult a doctor in case it is a yeast infection. (Also read:What are the causes of burning sensation in the vagina)

Pregnancy: Pregnancy brings a lot of changes in the body of a woman. The sudden growth of the fetus lays a constant pressure on the pelvis. This may lead to swelling of the vagina due to heavy pressure on it. It causes severe pain, discomfort during urination etc. Consult a doctor in case it is severe. However, after the delivery, it will settle down naturally.

Genital Herpes: Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease and is quite common. It forms small blisters in the vagina and also leads to fever, body ache, severe pain in the vagina etc. It causes swelling in the vagina and it needs doctor’s attention immediately.

Rough intercourse: If the vagina is not lubricated sufficiently, the constant friction leads to the swelling and inflammation of the vagina. It tears the tissues of the vagina. It thus leads to pain and bleeding as well. Thus, make sure that you use a natural lubricant to avoid vaginal swelling and pain. (Also read: What are the various changes in the vaginal discharge during a menstrual cycle)

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