Important Menstruation Hygiene Tips Every Girl Should Follow

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Important Menstruation Hygiene Tips Every Girl Should Follow

The period cycle is very crucial for a woman. Most of us go through this situation secretively and do not let people know we are bleeding (periods). But this practice many times hinders the real hygiene techniques. Sometimes women keep wearing the same pad for the almost entire day which is not good at all for the vaginal skin and period practices. Hence, we would like to tell something to all the women who are going through menstruation circles every month. You can not stop you r periods, but you can make your periods as easier as you can by maintaining a basic hygiene and sanitation on those 5 days. These tips will not feel untidy, wet or uncomfortable. So, here we go with the hygiene tips. Hope you will follow these tips. (Also Read: What Are The Myths Regarding Menstrual Period)

1. Changing the sanitation is most necessary:
Do you know, menstruation blood becomes contaminated with the body’s innate organisms after coming out from the body. This happens to those too who do not even have a good flow. If the pad is wet, it will get again damp by the body organisms from the vagina, sweat from your genitals, etc. Hence, these organisms can easily develop urinary tract infection, vaginal infections and skin rashes etc. This happens because these organisms stay wet and moist for a long time. That is why changing you sanitary methods every 4 hours is important. If you do not do it, your discomfort only will start increasing.

2. Wash own-self neatly:
When you are on your periods, the blood which comes out from the body enters to the tiny spaces between your labia or crust around the opening of the vagina. So, you should always wash this excess blood away. Not only just twice or thrice in a day but every time when you go for peeing or changing. Moreover, menstruation is an irritating time in every month. Washing own-self everyday makes you feel refreshed and clean. (Also Read: What Are The Myths Regarding Menstrual Period)

Do not use Soap to wash your vagina during periods:
Your vagina’s skin PH balance differs from the PH balance of the entire body. So, there is no question of using soap to the area. But cleaning is important. You always have to use a vaginal care liquid wash to clean your menstruation blood. Not only just the time of the periods, but it is also important to use at other times too.

Stay careful to the pad rash:
Rashes during menstruation is a very common problem. This mostly happens during a period of heavy flow. If your pad is wet for a longer time, the skin becomes too much moist and bacterias continuously create the skin damaging. That is why skin rashes appear during periods. In this case, always apply an antiseptic ointment, after a bath and before bed. This will help the bacterias to stay away from your skin. (Also Read: What does your period blood tell about your health)

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