How To Turn Your Period Days Into Happy Days

How To Make Your Period Days As Just Another Happy Day

Women feel disgusted during periods. From hormonal changes to unbearable cramps, these 5 days are enough to make a woman feel the most unfortunate person in this entire world. So, telling a woman to be happy during these days is something very difficult. But, there is no option left, women have to bare all these as these are all the part of women’s physical system. What can you do to remain happy during those 5 days and how? The solution is with us. Hence, let us just have a look at the following:
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Stay warm and cosy:
You may have heard that during periods you should stay warm. It is true! It helps you to stay away from cramping. Whether it’s a hot water bottle, heat pack or a knitted tummy warmer, you should use any of these easy options. Always try to keep your lower abdominal area warm. This area is the source of those unbearable cramps. Moreover, keeping yourself warm can make your muscles relax and prevent painful cramping.

How To Make Your Period Days As Just Another Happy DayExercise is the ultimate solution:
Exercise is the solution of many physical as well as mental solutions. If you do exercise regularly, you should not forget to do it during those 5 days too. But remember, do not overdo your exercise this time as it can damage your tissues and cells easily. Not only this, there are chances of straining and too much of exhaustion. You can do skipping, cycling everything but in a limit. Other than that, there is some special tip to do some stretches, which are much needed for you this time. (Also Read: Important Menstruation Hygiene Tips Every Girl Should Follow)

Strange! But avoid dairy:
Dairy products like milk, cheese, cream etc can increase your prostaglandins, which are the hormones. These hormones can make your uterus contract during your periods and as a result, it can make cramping more intense. So, if you are too much into these dairy products, you should avoid them during those 5 days.

When it is the time to drink raspberry leaf tea:
During your periods, you should avoid caffeine, but as a supplement, you can try raspberry leaf tea which is an ultimate option for you to stay perfect and energetic this time. Raspberry leaf tea contains a lot of vitamin and mineral which promote a good health especial to women. You can find this flavour from any tea specialist shops.

Do not force your mood:
During your periods, your body fluctuates the good hormones which make us happy. That is why you get mood swings quite often this time. Hence, if your mood is not permitting you for an outing or friends gathering do not force yourself. Sometimes your mood talks about your health condition and encourages you to stay at home and read your favourite book all alone. (Also Read: What Are The Myths Regarding Menstrual Period)

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