How to take care of your vagina after giving birth

How to take care of your vagina after birth

Giving birth can be the most taxing experience a woman can every encounter in her life. It changes everything for the mother. Most women become really busy in taking care of their little baby that they forget about the health of their vagina. Most women experience vaginal bleeding after giving which is known as lochia. It is really important to take special care of your vagina after giving birth. There are certain dos and don’ts related to the health of your vagina that every new mom must know about. (Also read: How to take care of your skin during periods)

Don’t go for tampon
Most women experience the vaginal bleeding that is similar to a normal period. However, it is advisable to use pads instead of a tampon. When you use a tampon you run the risk of getting an infection as your uterus is still shedding the reaming cells and tissues.

Take the help of an ice pack
An ice pack is nothing less than a miracle worker for your vagina post pregnancy. It helps to deal with swelling and decrease the pain. The pain is the result of postpartum haemorrhoids.

Pelvic therapy
You can go for pelvic therapy. During this therapy, your pelvic region is massaged in a gentle way to relax you and alleviate the pain. It is a wonderful way to take care of your vagina. (Also read: What are the best food items to fight the premenstrual syndrome during periods)

Wash it with water
Many women make the mistake of using a toilet paper to clean the vagina. Instead of using that you must go for a warm water treatment to clean it up. Wash it gently, don’t rub to clean it. Once you are dry you paper wishes in a patting manner.

Seek help if needed
Every woman’s body is different, the same way they recover in a different manner. So, if you continue to experience pain and swelling then it is better to take the doctor’s opinion about the same. So, don’t be shy to seek help.  (Also read: What are the signs that you must visit your gynaecologist at once)

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