How to reduce vaginal sweating

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How to stop your vagina from too much sweat down there

Sweating is a good way of removing the toxins from the body but an excess of sweating is not healthy. Sweating in some particular area leads to uneasiness and embarrassment too. There are many reasons for sweating excessively down there. Heavy workout session, long hours of sitting, extreme humidity, very tight fitted clothes, etc. are some of the major factors that cause excess sweating. Controlling the sweat is not in someone’s hand, but one can definitely choose the right ways to sweat less. Though hormones and genetics play a major role in regulating the sweat of the body. But it can be controlled by taking necessary measures. (Also read: What are the mistakes you are committing during periods every month)

How to stop your vagina from too much sweat down there:

Be clean down there and shave your pubic hair: You should keep your crotch area clean and trim your pubic hair to avoid the sweating down there. Heavy growth of hair down there leads to perspiration of sweats and make it uneasy for you to carry out your day’s activities.

Try to wear cotton underwear: Cotton made clothes and undergarments are very comforting and help the skin to breath. They do not stick to your skin and is cool in texture. The fabric is soft and helps to absorb the sweat easily. Besides this, it keeps the skin healthy too. (Also read: What causes bleeding after sex while you are pregnant)

Change your workout gear immediately: As soon as you are done with your heavy workout session, you should change your gear. The sweat penetrates through your workout gear right into your undergarments. Thus, you should change it more often, to not let the bacteria grow down there.

Apply cornstarch: Instead of using talcum powder, you should apply cornstarch. It does not lead to the risk of any disease in your private parts. It helps to keep you dry, down there and does not lead to sweating.

Try to wear loose clothes: When you have to walk a lot or do a lot of physical work, try to wear loose clothes. Fitted clothes often lead to an excess of sweating in your private areas. So, wear baggy pants and loose tops to avoid excess sweat. (Also read: What are the most common myths about bra)

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