World Breast Feeding Week 2018: How to prevent sagging of breasts after breastfeeding

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how to prevent sagging of breasts after breastfeeding

WBW 2018: World Bread Feeding Week: Some effective tips help to prevent sagging of breasts while breastfeeding.

World Breast Feeding Week (WBW) 2018: Breastfeeding is essential for the healthy growth of the child and it is the main source of nutrition for the child. Feeding the child is one of the most important parts of the mother’s life. But breastfeeding leads to the problem of sagging of breasts. As the size of breasts starts growing, it leads to the loose and saggy skin. In order to prevent this problem, women should take up some effective techniques. Let’s discuss some effective tips that help to prevent the sagging of the breasts on this World Breastfeeding Day. (Also read: How does breastfeeding affect the breasts)

World Breast Feeding Week 2018: Healthy tips to prevent the sagging of the breasts after breastfeeding.

  • Wear the right bra
  • Don’t consume excess fat
  • Don’t try to lose weight immediately
  • Take hot-cold shower
  • Don’t stop breastfeeding right away

Wear the right bra
Try to wear the bra which provides proper support to your breasts while you breastfeed the baby. As the breasts are full of milk, the size of the breasts increases and they tend to hang weirdly. Thus, choose the right bra. (Also read: Why wearing an ordinary bra during the breastfeeding is not safe)

Don’t consume excess fat
Consuming excess fat reduces the tightness of the skin. Thus, don’t consume excess fat instead use normal olive oil. Also consume, vitamin B and vitamin E rich food products.

Don’t try to lose weight immediately
Don’t try to lose your weight right after the delivery. Try to gradually lose the weight and give time to your body to repair and heal. Losing weight rapidly makes the skin lose its tightness and your breasts also become saggy. (Also read: What Are The Bad Breastfeeding Habits That Hurt Your Baby)

Take hot-cold shower

WBW 2018: World Breastfeeding Week: Taking a shower helps to prevent loosing of breasts.

When you take shower, then bath with hot water one day and cold water on the next. It helps to make the skin tight and improve the blood flow.

Don’t stop breastfeeding right away
Leaving breastfeeding immediately is not a good idea. Instead, take some time and gradually make your child leave the habit of being breastfed. It helps to reduce fat and the breasts do not become saggy.

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These are some of the effective ways to prevent the sagging of the breasts. You can read this article in Hindi as well.

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