How to manage hot flashes in office during perimenopause

How to manage hot flashes in office during perimenopause

Menopause is a natural part of a women’s reproductive health. Between the age of 40-55, most women face the premenopause time. The condition of premenopause lasts till the time ovary doesn’t stop producing the eggs. That means the menstrual cycle is not over for the women. During this time women go through a different sort of symptom called the hot flashes. During the perimenopause time the estrogen level increases in a woman. This change affects the woman’s health. One of these symptoms is hot flashes. During hot flashes, the person feels warm or hot suddenly. The skin turns red and there is excessive sweating. Some women face premenopause for 10 years, this affects their personal and professional life as well. Especially working women find it hard to manage the hot flashes at the office. (Also read: Is it normal to get blood clots during your periods)

Wear comfortable clothes
To manage the hot flashes in office the most important thing is what you wear. You must avoid wool, silk and synthetic clothes. These types of fabric increase the heat in the body. It is better to opt for cotton clothes to keep yourself cool.

Keep the temperature low
To avoid the heat, it is better to keep the temperature of room low. It is difficult to manage in the office sometimes, then keep a small fan on your office desk. It will keep you cool and it will regulate the circulation in the room.  (Also read: Is it normal to get blood clots during your periods)

Keep an eye your diet
Whatever you eat has a direct effect on your body’s temperature. Spicy and hot food items increase the body heat, that can worsen your hot flashes. So, it is better to avoid spicy food.

Finish your work on time
It is important to finish your work on time in the office as it will help you to avoid the stress. Stress affects the health of the person in the most negative way so it is better to avoid it entirely. (Also read: What are the best food items to fight the premenstrual syndrome during periods)

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