How to get rid of breast sensitivity during pregnancy

How to get rid of breast sensitivity during pregnancy

Usually, hormonal changes lead to tenderness and soreness in the breast of pregnant women. It brings along pain, inflammation and swelling in the breast. Breast sensitivity is one of the early signs of pregnancy which causes a lot of uneasiness. Though it soothes after the delivery, those 9 months remain quite troublesome. The pain is so intense that even if you touch the breast slightly, you will mourn in pain. It disrupts the day to day activities as well. Many women encounter the similar sensitivity in the breast during the periods as well. However, during pregnancy, it is quite grave. It is because the breast is preparing itself for lactation. Thus, you will notice changes in the nipple colour and size too. (Also read: What are the leading causes of vaginal swelling)

How to get rid of breast sensitivity during pregnancy?

Wear a supporting bra: It is always advisable to wear a bra that supports your breasts completely. It will help you to feel comfortable. It also helps to deal with the pain and swelling. Make sure the fabric is soft and do not trouble the skin around the breasts. Do not wear an underwired bra, as the breast size keeps changing during pregnancy.

Drink plenty of water: Sensitivity in the breast increases due to the water retention in the body. Thus, in order to flush off the excess fluid from the body, it is necessary that you drink plenty of water. You can also drink lemon water to soothe the pain, as lemon helps to reduce the inflammation in the body. (Also read: How to make vaginal wash naturally at home)

Eat a healthy well-nourished diet: A pregnant woman must take a well-nourished diet. An adequate amount of all the nutrients in the body helps to reduce the inflammation in the breasts. You can take plenty of vitamins and minerals to ensure the health of your breasts. So eat a good amount of green leafy vegetables, nuts and fruits.

Hot compress: A proper blood circulation ensures no pain in the breast. For this, you can do hot compress by a warm cloth or a hot water bottle. This will help you to get instant relief.

Eat flaxseeds: Flaxseeds help to reduce the tenderness and sensitivity of the breasts. Being rich in fibre, it helps to reduce the problem of constipation as well. You can take it by mixing it in your salad bowl, yoghurt or maybe juice. (Also read: What are the causes of burning sensation in the vagina)

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