How to choose the right bra according to your size

How to choose the right bra according to your size

Choosing the right bra is the struggle of every second woman. They find it extremely difficult to opt for the best-fitted bra according to the shape and size of their breasts. It’s not the fault of the woman but due to lots of confusion that comes along with the bra. Choosing the bra appropriately according to your body type is necessary to provide proper rest to your breasts and keep them firm. Wearing the wrong size of bra can cause a wardrobe malfunction and may lead to a lot of embarrassment. There are different types of bra according to the breast size, breast type and even for the dresses you wear. One must be hands-on with all the necessary information about the bra, before going to buy one. (Also read: What are the most common myths about bra)

How to choose the right bra according to your body type?

Measure your size correctly: Some women feel ashamed when it comes to choose the bigger size of the bra. They must make a note, that breasts size increases and there is no harm in switching to a size up. Thus, before going out to buy a new bra, you should make a measurement at home to ensure your size.

Make sure you wear a t-shirt: Wearing a t-shirt helps to know how do the breasts shape look like. It even gives a glimpse of the right breasts size and the required bra. (Also read: How often should you wash your bra)

Look for a firm fit and low at the back: Usually, the front side of our body requires firmness and thus the size should be selected accordingly. Besides this, from the back, the place where we place the bra is thinner than the lower body. If while wearing a bra, it goes up towards the shoulder blades, it will not give an appropriate support to your breasts. Thus, you should go for a size down and take a size up of the cups.

Jump and test: Your breasts should not jump while you do. Sounds weird but yes! This is how you can choose the right size of bra. Move towards the trial room. Try to jump after wearing the selected bra. If your breasts too move and jump inappropriately and it looks awkward, then you need to look for another. Your breasts should have a proper support and ensure firmness while you put on a bra.

Adjusting strap: While opting for a bra, if your straps are adjusted to the tightest position beyond which they can’t be adjusted, then you should look for another one. Bra tends to get loose and stretch after a point of time and needs to be adjusted with the straps. If already there is no scope for adjustment, then it is not your bra size.

Pay attention to your breast shape: Even after the various size of the bra of the same pattern do not fit you, then look at your breasts shape. You must choose the bra style that goes well with your breast shape. We all have an unequal distribution of mass around the breasts. Some have bulky side while others have a bulky front. Thus, the bra style also differs. So, choose wisely! (Also read: What Happens When You Stop Wearing A Bra)

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