What happens when you don’t change your tampon regularly

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What happens when you don't change your tampon regularly

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During the periods, many women use tampons to take care of the blood flow. If the tampon is not used in the right way then it can lead to various problems. So, one should use the tampons only when you are well aware of all the things. Otherwise, it can harm your reproductive tract as well as run the risk of infection. Often women use the same tampon for long hours which is really bad for their health. This habit can lead various health problems. Let’s find out what are the health problems that occur due to the usage of the tampon for long. (Also read: What all are the facts which every woman must know about fertility)

If you leave the tampon for long during periods then it can lead to accumulation of bacterias in the vagina. This lead to the possibility of toxic shock syndrome. This syndrome leads to high fever, low blood pressure and burning sensation on the skin.

When you don’t change the tampon on time then the tissues around your vagina turn dry. This makes you feel iffy and uncomfortable. If you’re feeling this on a regular basis then you must reconsider using a tampon and move to sanitary pads. (Also read: What Are The Most Shocking Myths About Pubic Hair)

If you fail to remove the tampon even when it is full, then it leads to brown coloured liquid discharge. Therefore it is required that you change your tampon regularly after a short interval of time.

Foul smelling
Many women face the problem of foul smell during their periods. Sometimes the cause of this problem it leaving the tampon intact for a longer time period. This might even lead to the involvement of a doctor. When blood comes in contact with of the bacteria then it leads to foul smell. So, leaving tampons intact for a long time is a bad decision.

Vaginal itching
Using tampons during your periods can lead to vaginal itching. This happens due to chemicals present in the tampons. It harms your sensitive tissues. (Also read: What are the signs that you must visit your gynaecologist at once)

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