What Are The Personal Hygiene Tips That Every Woman Should Follow

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What Are The Personal Hygiene Tips Every Woman Should Follow

Every woman’s body goes through various changes. From periodical circle to pregnancy, there are a lot of things which make woman’s body system disrupted repeatedly. That is why women should take care of her their personal hygiene every day. Some hygiene tips help women to stay away from infections and other complications. Not only this, a woman body requires more personal hygienic than a man’s body because of some certain reasons. Hence, have a look at the essential hygiene tips which every woman should follow. (Also Read: What Are The Ways In Which Your Periods Disturb Your Skin)

Cleansing for yourself:
You may not know that your skin and your vagina produces its own kind of liquid which maintains the pH balance of the area. So, the natural oil and these liquids are important to keep the vagina healthy and out of all the infections. Hence, you should not use too many external products to clean these natural discharges. Keep your intimate area away from coming to the contact of excessive douching, feminine wash, soaps strip away etc. To clean your external genitals, you can use lukewarm water and a very mild soap. But make sure, you do not put these soaps in your vagina.

Tips for the odour:
Always remember that every woman has their own natural smell. These smell are not at all bad. Rather, this smell comes from the natural processes of the body. Although you can use deodorants, fragranced soaps and other fancy products, but, these products can be harmful to all your delicate areas. So, while bathing, you can use antibacterial liquid to the bucket of water and run it through your body. It can even keep you away from bacterial entries too. (Also Read: What Does Your Periods Tell You About Your Health)

Vaginal odour:
If you have vaginal odour, it is absolutely normal. Every woman has different types of vaginal odour and its natural oil. So, you should not add any external product to get rid of this odour. But make sure, your vaginal odour is not too intense. If it is happening, then visit a doctor and get a treatment. You may have bacterial vaginosis. But apart from it, keep your vagina clean with lukewarm water.

Menstrual Care:
During menstruation, every woman has to be extra conscious about the hygiene. Many women feel unclean during or after menstruation and turn to douches for cleaning. But, it is not good for your vaginal area, especially during your periods. It helps to prevent the bad bacteria from entering into your reproductive tracks. During periods, you can also use little warm water and very mild liquid to clean your vagina. (Also Read: What Are The Things Every Woman Should Know About Periods)

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