What are the most common unhealthy habits of a woman

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What are the most common unhealthy habits of a woman

With a lot of hectic routines, women usually forget to take care of their health. They have to manage things at home and also at their office. Thus, it becomes very difficult for them to take care of their personal hygiene and it eventually leads to a series of bad habits in women. These bad habits make them ill and they suffer from a lot of health issues. A woman needs to be extra careful about her health in comparison to that of a man. When a woman indulges in bad habits, they start harming their own selves out of negligence. Thus it is necessary that one must take care of their personal hygiene and give up those bad practices completely. (Also read: How is drinking ginger tea beneficial for a breastfeeding mother)

What are the most common unhealthy habits of a woman?

Wearing a wrong size bra: This is one of the most common bad habits of the women. Some women have this habit of wearing a tight bra. In order to keep their breasts stiff and tight, they opt to wear a wrong size bra. This prohibits the flow of blood in the breasts and leads to a great danger. It even affects the shape of the bra and leads to pain in the back and the shoulder.

Wearing high heels: Women are fond of wearing high heels. In order to look good and give a shape to their body, women often wear high heels. High heels help you to get a proper body shape while you carry your favourite dress. But it has a lot of side effects too. It causes pain in the heels, joints and even the back. Thus, a woman should choose a footwear in which they feel comfortable. (Also read: How much vaginal discharge is normal for a woman)

Sleeping with a bra at night: Most of the women sleep with a bra at night. They think, that by doing so, their breasts will look in proper shape. However, this is not true. The underwired bra affects the veins of the body. It prevents the proper flow of the blood to those veins. Besides this, it also causes rashes and darkness of the skin.

Wearing fancy underwear: Genital hygiene should stand prior to the list of personal hygiene. Usually, women ignore the need of maintaining a good genital hygiene in their body. Wearing a fancy underwear leads to rashes, the growth of yeast, bacteria, foul smell, itching and burning sensation in their vagina. It may have an everlasting effect on your vaginal health. Thus, a woman should wear only cotton underwear.

Wearing a same sanitary pad for long: This can actually result in something dangerous. A woman must change her sanitary pad after every 3-4 hours. Even if you are bleeding less, you must change it after a short while. Wearing the same pad for long leads to yeast infection and causes a foul smell. In order to stay healthy down there and to avoid any kind of serious trouble, make sure you change your pads timely. (Also read: What are the feelings you undergo when you meet your dream life partner)

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