How to clean your vagina in the right way

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How to clean your vagina in the right way

The health of your body is also related to the hygiene. It is important to make sure every part of the body is clean in a proper way. Same goes for the genitalia, especially in case of women. The hygiene of vagina is extremely important for the health of the vagina. There are plenty of products on the market that claims to provide the best hygienic condition for your vagina. However, before blindly spending money on the gels, soaps and sprays you must think about the right way to clean the vagina. It is a sensitive region so, you have to be extra careful with it. (Also read: What all you need to know about a menstrual migraine)

The vagina is a self-cleaning agent
The most important thing you must know about your vagina is that it is self-cleaning. Your vagina has the right way to deal with any issue related to hygiene. The natural mechanism helps to keep the pH right. It keeps the yeast and bacteria balance in the right order. Even though you might see and find products that promise to maintain the pH balance of the vagina, you must stay away from them at all cost. This includes the process of douching as well.

What happens when you use external things to clean the vagina?
Many women feel that if they used a vagina cleaning product to clean the vagina, then they will be able to have a vagina with a great smell. Every vagina has a distinctive smell, so until and unless that changes you have to stay focused on staying away from the products. As these products can disturb the natural condition of your vagina.  (Also read: What are the signs of a healthy vagina)

How to clean your vagina?
The best way to clean the vagina is to clean it with water only. You must avoid using the soap as well as it can be harmful to the vagina. If you feel that there is an unusual smell in your vagina. Speak to a gynaecologist about it. (Also read: What are the foods that boost the fertility in women)

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