How does breastfeeding affect the breasts

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How does breastfeeding affect the breasts

During pregnancy, a lot of physical and mental changes occur in the body of the woman. If you are pregnant or just had a baby, then you can understand the changes and struggles of pregnancy easily. However, these changes are only limited by the time you are pregnant and few more months. After that, your body comes back to normalcy. But after pregnancy when you breastfeed your child, you will notice significant changes in your breasts. Many women carry a lot of queries regarding breastfeeding and its impact on the breast. Is breastfeeding painful or it loosens the firmness of the breast are few obvious questions in the mind of the breastfeeding mother. Let’s become aware of these queries and find the answers of the same. (Also read: How to get rid of breast sensitivity during pregnancy)

How does breastfeeding affect the breasts?

Change in the size?
However, most of the changes in the breasts take place during pregnancy only like change in the size, enlargement of nipples, more visible nerves of the breasts etc. This usually happens because the breasts are preparing themselves to feed the baby. While breastfeeding the flow of the blood in the breast increases to produce more milk Eventually the size also increases.

Pain during breastfeeding:
Many women think that breastfeeding leads to pain. But this is not the case. Though, it may bring some uneasiness which later can cause pain. This usually happens during the initial stage of breastfeeding. It eventually fades off, as the baby gets used to it. (Also read: What are the leading causes of vaginal swelling)

Loosening of the breasts:
When the size and the shape of the breast increases, the ligaments get stretched which make the breast lose. Besides this, if you lose weight during breastfeeding, then the fat cells also get reduces. It makes the breast get to loosen up. However, few weeks after breastfeeding, the breast shape comes back to normal and fat cells also start filling.

What to do to keep the breasts firm and intact in shape?
If you are worried about the shape of the breasts during breastfeeding then there are some effective ways to maintain their shape and size. Wear the appropriate bra according to your size and shape to support the breast. Besides this, do exercise in order to maintain the flow of blood. (Also read: How to make vaginal wash naturally at home)

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