Bikini Wax: Things you should know before going for a Bikini wax

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things you need to know before a bikini wax

Things you need to know before getting a bikini wax

Women like to wax to remove hair from the body. This makes your skin look soft and the tanning is also removed. Some women also wax to remove hair from the pubic area, which is called bikini wax. This removes the hair from the pubic area and the skin becomes soft. But the bikini wax is a little painful. After the bikini wax all the small hair stands on the pubic area are gone and you feel comfortable. However, before you go for a bikini wax, there are few things that you must know about it. So, let’s find out what all you must know about the bikini wax. (Also read: What are the various aftercare Bikini wax tips one must follow

Things you should know before getting a Bikini wax

  • Length of the pubic hair is important
  • Don’t go for bikini wax during periods
  • Stop exfoliating before it
  • Be upfront about the skin problems
  • Be prepare for the redness

Length of the pubic hair is important
When the length of your hair is one inch at least, then bikini wax is done. If pubic area hair is long then it can cause pain during waxing and if they are too small then they can not be properly waxed and this leads to ingrown hair. Therefore, only if the hair length is correct to go for the Bikini Wax. (Also read: What Are The Harmful Impacts Of Bikini Waxing

Don’t go for bikini wax during periods
You can get bikini wax during periods but it is advisable not to go for bikini wax during periods because many women have pain in the lower abdomen in the early days of Periods. It is, therefore, better not to wax in these days. (Also read: Why you should not shave your pubic hair)

Stop exfoliating before it
Exfoliate is necessary to keep skin healthy but stop exfoliating some days before bikini waxing, as it can cause skin irritation. Also, the irritation can increase after a wax. (Also read: Why you should never use soap on your pubic area)

Be upfront about the skin problems
If you have any kind of skin tag or wart, tell your wax trainer in advance. So that she can be cautious while removing the hair around it and you would not face the problems of burning or swelling.

Be prepare for the redness
After bikini waxing, the skin is not so soft; there may be bumps and redness for a while. Which gets cured after some time. So do not worry, it gets cured after a few hours.

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So, make sure you are following all important guidelines, before getting a bikini wax. Click the link to read this article in Hindi as well.

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