How To Avoid And Soothe Sanitary Napkin Rashes

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How To Avoid And Soothe Sanitary Napkin Rashes

Getting rashes during periods is nothing unique for women. Along with the extreme cramping, bleeding and discomfort, periods rashed worsen the situation for every woman. When these rashes appear, it covers the vaginal area and the anal area too. It happens because of the sanitary napkins. These rashes restrict women to walk, to wear a pad and somehow makes the entire periods phase repulsive. So, here’s we have come up with the reasons and the precaution of getting period rashes. The following will help you to avoid and soothe the sanitary napkin rashes easily. (Also Read: What Are The Good And Bad Effects Of Using A Feminine Wash)

Do not choose the wrong sanitary napkin brand:
You should be aware of the sanitary napkins you are using. There are some brands which make their pads with plastic linings. Make sure, you do not buy these brands. The collision of your vaginal skin and the plastic surface can definitely create reactions and make you feel irritated. Always choose those brands which have the cottony soft surface which is mild to the skin and keeps your vagina healthy.

Change your pad after few hours:
Always remember that you should not wear a single sanitary pad for a longer time. You need to change it after every three-four months. So, always carry extra napkin with you during your periods days. Do not exaggerate wearing the same pad as the bacterial interference make vaginal get rashed all over.

Not maintaining basic hygiene:
As we told you above, you need to change your pads after few hours during your menstruation. So, while changing the pad, you should take care of the cleaning too. Always use water to clean your vagina and use a mild feminine wash to maintain the pH of the skin. Wash your vagina everytime you urinate. These hygiene tips will not allow your vagina to get rashes.

Choose the right material for your bottom wear:
It will be great if you avoid your favourite skinny jeans and make your vaginal area sucked badly. Try to wear a trouser, cotton pyjama or anything else which are not skinny and stuffy. Moreover, do not wear disposable panties during this time. The plastic cotton makes your vagina itchy and full of rashes. Wear the soft cotton panties to feel better and soothe your skin during periods. (Also Read: What Are The Ways In Which Your Periods Disturb Your Skin)

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