Why shouldn’t you drink anything with your meal

Why shouldn't you drink anything with your meal?

You eating habits are the most important factors to maintain your health. After all, when you have your meals you are consuming various nutrients to nourish your body. However, many people don’t understand these things and end up doing things that are harmful to their digestion. When you have digestive issues, then you are certainly unable to take care of your body. One such thing is taking a drink with your meal. It is not just about water, many people add juices, milk or wines to their mealtime. However, this is a very harmful practice as it leads to unhealthy digestion. (Also read: What are the everyday habits that are killing your metabolism)

Why shouldn’t you drink anything with your meal?
To make the matter simple, all you need to understand is that when you start eating, your body starts preparing digestive enzymes to help with the digestions. However, when you start consuming any drink with the meal, it starts the digestion journey early. As a result, it dilutes the enzymes or sometimes even uses up all the digestive enzymes. This makes it the digestion process hard for the food. (Also read: What are the alerting signs that your appendix might burst)

Having a drink with the meal also affects the acid found in the stomach. The acid is there to help to churn down the meal, but when you drink anything with your meal, you are destroying the acid formation. The digestion process is different for drinks and solid food. When you mix them up, you fail to digest your food properly.

How to avoid drinking anything with the meal?
The reason why people prefer to eat and drink something at the same time is that it makes gulping the food easy. You don’t have to put efforts in chewing. However, this is a very habit, as chewing helps to digest the food properly. So, instead of gulping down the meal, chew it thoroughly and use a lot of salvia in the process.

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