What are the medical test you must take in your 30s

health-check-ups must have in your 30s

When you reach the age of 30s your life has changed a lot. You have various responsibilities and commitments to fulfil. Due to which you often have to work really hard but often people forget to take care of their health during such times. It is important to keep yourself fit and active. Therefore, a person who is in his 30s must go through regular checkup and medical test. If you go through regular checkups every once in a while then you can simply avoid serious diseases that might be building up. So, let’s find out what test are must in your 30s. (Also read: What are the medical tests you must undergo in your 20s)

Complete Blood Count Test (C.B.C)
You should certainly go for this test in your 30s. With the help of this test you can find out about the medical problems like anaemia, infection and few kinds of cancer can be detected. This test is certainly important for women as they are more prone to the iron deficiency in general. You should get it tested once a year. It is done in the form of a general blood test.

Blood sugar test
This test is done in a different manner. You don’t have to eat 12 hours before the test. Your blood sample is used for this test. This is to test sugar level in your body. If the sugar level is below 99 than it is normal, 100 to 110 comes under prediabetic and above that is diabetes. Diabetes is a serious condition so it is better to know about it beforehand to take the precautions if need. (Also read: What are the unhealthy habits you should avoid in your 20)

ECG test
Electrocardiography test or ECG test should be ideally taken at age of 35. This test helps to test your heart beat. This helps to time if you are dealing with some sort of heart problem. It is better to know if you have any possible heart problem to make required changes to your life. You can take this test once a year.

Skin cancer
Skin cancer is less deadly if compared to the other forms of cancer. However, it is better to stay ahead of the problem. In the skin cancer test, your moles, skin, bruises are checked for any problem.

HPV test
HPV test or Human Papillomavirus test is a DNA test that helps to determine the presence of sexually transmitted disease. You should get this test in your 30s as you are sexually active and if you have established unprotected sexual relationship then it is a must. (Also read: What are the biggest health myths that people still believe)

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