What are unexpected products you can overdose on

what are unexpected products you can overdose on

The term ‘overdose’ is defined as ingestion of substance in a greater quantity than recommended. Generally, the word overdose brings unlawful medicine to thoughts but in reality, illegal drugs are not the only things that can overdose you. There are several other things like coffee and toothpaste, which can also cause an overdose because your body has a specific threshold of tolerance for all chemical substance. However, the threshold is quite high for the most household product but you can still overdose on them if you ingest them beyond recommended quantity. (Also read: What are the various signs that you have low blood sugar level)

Let’s know about the things that you can overdose on.


The majority of toothpaste contain fluoride which has the ability to strengthen your teeth and it also protects teeth from cavities. Ironically, the fluoride is an extremely poisonous compound when consumed above 0.1 to 0.3 mg of the body weight. However, the toothpaste contains fluoride in a controlled manner. If you consume toothpaste froth accidentally while brushing then it causes mild to moderate gastric discomfort.

Broccoli, Kale, And Cauliflower
what are unexpected products you can overdose on
Despite these vegetables may have a lot of health benefits but when consumed in an excessive manner then they will be harmful. The excessive consumption of these vegetables can block the action of your thyroid gland which causes hypothyroidism. (Also read: Lazy and surprising ways to boost metabolic rate)


The excessive consumption of tea is also harmful. The tea leaves contain a compound oxalate. This compound irritates and also clogs your kidneys. Therefore, if you consume tea beyond the safe threshold may also develop kidney failure symptoms.


Coffee is one of the most popular beverages around the world. But the excessive consumption of coffee is harmful to your health. If you consume more 400mg caffeine per day. This is beyond the safe threshold and your body starts showing overdose symptoms. The symptoms include heart palpitations, discomfort in your chest, and also seizures.

what are unexpected products you can overdose on
It may sound bizarre but it is a fact that the consumption of excess water is harmful. If you drink too much water in short period of time may be risky. The condition is term as water intoxication. In this condition, your kidneys fail to process the amount of water entering your body. In this condition, your brain and lungs swell up. (Also read: Which Foods You Should Never Cook In An Iron Pan)

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