What are the worst sleeping position to sleep in

Sleeping is a natural part of normal healthy life. However, most of us never think too much about the sleeping position or the way we sleep. Our sleeping position has a direct impact on our health. Therefore, it is important to know about the side effects that certain sleeping position can have on your body. Picking a sleeping position has a lot of impact on your body and its health. There are certain sleeping positions that you should avoid entirely due to their negative impact. Let’s find out what are these sleeping positions? (Also read: How oversleeping affects your body in a negative way)

Sleeping on your back
This is the most common sleeping position that people prefer. However, sleeping on your back is actually really bad for you. According to a study, sleeping on your back puts a strain on your spine. When you sleep on your back, you put all your weight on your middle part of your body. However, due to this, it is hard for your spine to stay normal during the sleep cycle. (Also read: Should you drink water before going to the bed)

Sleeping on your right side

What are the worst sleeping position to sleep in
This one of the worst sleeping positions. It is important to remember that sleeping on the right side can cause heartburn This sleeping position is really harmful to a pregnant lady because, in this position, the baby does not get enough oxygen and nutrients.

Sleeping on your stomach

What are the worst sleeping position to sleep in
Most people think that sleeping on your stomach is a very comfortable position to sleep. However, sleeping on the stomach can lead to various health difficulties. When you sleep on your stomach you have to turn your neck, this leads to strain on your neck. Sleeping on your stomach leads problem in the curvature of your spine. It also flattens the natural curve of the spine causing problems in your spine and pain. Thus, it is a troublesome position to sleep in. (Also read: Cold shower or hot shower which one is better for you)

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