What are the signs of high estrogen level in your body

What are the signs of high estrogen level in your body

It is important for our body to have a healthy balance of the hormones so that the body can function properly. If the hormonal balance is disturbed then we have to face many kinds of health problems. Estrogen is a hormone that is also know known as the ‘female hormone’. However, this hormone is also found in the males. Its quantity is more in females. It helps in the sexual development in women. It regulates the period cycle and the reproductive health of women. Sometimes the level estrogen hormone increases due to some natural reasons or medication. As a result, it affects the health of a woman. Let’s find out the sign that can tell you if your estrogen level is on the rise?

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Hair fall
If you are dealing with an unhealthy amount of hair fall every day then it can be a sign of the rise in estrogen levels. There is another reason behind the rise of estrogen levels that is the decline in progesterone hormone. It makes your hair thin and leads to hair fall.

Irregular periods
Irregular periods can be caused by a number of reasons, but one of them can be the rise of estrogens. The regular period cycle is maintained by a healthy balance of the hormones. If there is any fluctuation in the hormones it shows in your period cycle.

Mood swings
Estrogen doesn’t only affect your period cycle, it also affects your mental state and emotions. If the estrogen level is high then you feel mood swings. That means you are constantly dealing with an emotional state of mind.  (Also read: How to manage hot flashes in office during perimenopause)

Lack of libido
Your libido is responsive to the balance of your hormones. When there is a disruption in them it shows on your sexual drive. Similarly, due to the rise of estrogen levels, there is the decline in the sexual drive.

The rise of estrogen in women can also lead to headache problem.  (Also read: What are the best food items to fight the premenstrual syndrome during periods)

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