Weight gain during periods: How to prevent weight gain during periods

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Weight Gain During Periods: Ways to prevent weight gain during periods

Women feel very uncomfortable during periods. Problems like stomachache, foot pain, waist pain and cramps erupt. Apart from this, many women gain weight during periods. There are many reasons for weight gain like water retention, food cravings, PMS and lack of magnesium in the body. Women adopt many methods and techniques to avoid this problem. But many women are not aware of tips to reduce weight gain during periods. By following some simple tips, you can easily lose weight during the periods. Also read: Everything you should know about your first period

Weight gain during periods: Tips to prevent weight gain during periods.

  • Reduce caffeine consumption
  • Drink more water
  • Do not skip the food
  • Reduce salt consumption
  • Workout
  1. Reduce caffeine intake
    Women become more worried during periods, due to which their weight increases. In this regard, reducing the consumption of caffeine can prove to be beneficial as caffeine increases weight. The excessive consumption of caffeine also enhances symptoms that occur during periods. (Also read: Sanitary pads Hygiene: How many times you need to change your pad during periods ) 
  2. Drink more water

    Consumption of adequate water is beneficial during periods
    Weight Gain During Periods: Drink excessive water during periods.

    During at least 3 litres of water daily keeps your body hydrated. Water flushes the toxic substances from the body and also boost your metabolism. It also prevents weight gain during periods.

  3. Do not skip the food
    Make sure to eat small meals at least 5-6 times daily. In addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner, take snacks twice a day. Doing this keeps you full and also keep your hormones balanced. Thus your weight remains controlled
  4. Reduce salt consumption
    Drinking salt and high-sodium and processed foods cause water retention in the body. Therefore, reduce the intake of salt during periods to keep your weight under control.
  5. Workout
    Workout controls your weight and also prevents excess fat from being accumulated in the body. Therefore, do the workouts during the periods. Workouts also make your mood better.

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During the periods, the weight of many women increases in an unusual way. But with the help of some simple methods, you can prevent weight gain. you can also read this article in Hindi.

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