What are the various health benefits of clapping

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What are the various health benefits of clapping

We often give a big round of applause to the people we want to appreciate and encourage. Clapping is thus, one of the highly practised ways of appreciating someone. But you all will be surprised to know that clapping is actually beneficial for your body. You can live a healthy and a cheerful life by practising the art of clapping. There are a lot of pressure points in our body and thus it leads to various health benefits. There are around 28 pressure points in our hands. When we clap our hands these pressure points get a pressure and it affects our body in a good way. Let’s discuss the benefits of clapping in detail. (Also read: How does inflammation make you look older than your age)

What are the various health benefits of clapping?

Improves the blood flow: By clapping for 20-30 minutes a day lay a good pressure on the important pressure points on our hands. It thus improves the flow of blood and oxygen in the body.

Reduces the pain of arthritis: Those who are suffering from the pain of arthritis feels relaxed after clapping. Pain in the joints, neck, back and lower back might be cured by clapping hands. It helps to reduce the pain in the body. (Also read: Some of the surprising facts about poop we all must know about)

Reduces the trouble in the lungs: Clapping helps to improve the blood flow to the body. Besides this, it also improves the flow of oxygen to the body. Thus, in turn, the lungs get sufficient supply of oxygen. It helps the body to get rid of the problem of lungs and asthma.

Reduces the problem of blood pressure: Those who are suffering from the problem of high blood pressure must clap their hands daily. It improves the flow of blood in the body. This helps to regulate the blood flow and blood pressure.

Improves the immune system of babies: Clapping is also beneficial for kids. It helps to regulate and open their pressure points without any heavy exercise. It eventually helps to improve the flow of blood in their body. Thus, it keeps their immune system healthy. (Also read: What are the natural ways to detox your lungs)

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