Tips for tailbone pain: Home remedies to prevent tailbone pain

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Ways to prevent tailbone pain

Tips for tailbone pain: Ways to prevent tailbone pain

Tailbone is centred at the very bottom of your spine. Despite the tailbone is very but it plays a very important task for the body. It stabilizes you when you sit. Unfortunately, people face pain in the tailbone and pain in the tailbone is called as is called coccydynia. During pain in the tailbone, you face problem while sitting or walking. Moreover, you will also face a problem while using the bathroom and women also feel pain during periods. The pain in tail occurs due to many reasons like if you sit on the hard bench for a long time or any other uncomfortable surface. If you are overweight then you are more prone to tailbone problems. If you have severe pain then consult doctor otherwise there are some home remedies which prevent tailbone. (Also read: What Is Your Back Pain Suggesting About Your Health)

Tips for tailbone pain: What are the home remedies to treat tailbone pain.

  • Heat or ice pack for tailbone pain
  • Massage for tailbone pain
  • Vitamins for tailbone pain
  • Castor oil for tailbone pain
  1. Heat or ice pack for tailbone pain

    Reduce tail bone pain with ice and heat pack
    Tips for tailbone pain: Ice or heat packs help to reduce tailbone pain.

    Hot water bottle or an ice pack is beneficial to prevent tailbone pain. For results better place hot water bottle or an ice pack on the affected for 20 minutes. To get rid of the problem at the earliest you can use it as often as four times in a day.

  2. Massage for tailbone pain
    Massage with and massage oil on the affected area for 30 minutes. For better massage apply gentle pressure. To get rid of the tailbone pain at the earliest repeat the process twice a day. (Also read: Six Natural Treatments For Back Pain Relief)
  3. Vitamins for tailbone pain
    Tailbone pain also occurs due to the deficiency of Vitamin D, B6 and B12. If you are experiencing tailbone the get enough sun exposure and consume seafood cheese, eggs and other nutritious food.
  4. Castor oil for tailbone pain
    To get rid of tailbone pain heat the castor oil slightly in a pan. Apply this warm oil on lower back and the cover the lower back with the bandage. For better results, repeat this every night until the lower back pain and tailbone eliminated.

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Tailbone pain causes many problem and discomfort. To eliminate the problem of tailbone you can follow some home remedies.  You can also read this article in Hindi.

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