What to do in case of a sunstroke

What to do in case of a sunstroke

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When the summer arrives it seems like the time to avoid the sun and seek comfort in the shade. However, some people have to step out in the sun and work accordingly. In that case, the lack of shade and constant exposure to the sun’s powerful rays can damage the body and it leads to jump in the body temperature. It is important to take this condition seriously and seek medical help. The signs include dizziness, flushed skin, headache etc. People often don’t know how to deal with a sunstroke in a right way. So, let’s find out what to do in this case.

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Seek medical help
It is essential that you seek medical help immediately when it comes to the sunstroke. Call an ambulance as the condition can be fatal as well.

Cool down the person
When you find someone who is suffering from sunstroke or heatstroke, try to move him or her in shade. Losen up their clothing. At the same time if you can then move him or her in a cooler environment.

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Remove the extra clothing
Make sure that the person is free of any extra piece of clothing. So remove the scarves or heavy jewellery. Make sure the person is as comfortable as possible.

Keep them calm
When someone is dealing a heat or sunstroke then the chances are that they are panicking about it. So, ask them to take deep breaths and calm them down in a gentle way.

Lay them down
In case of sunstroke, fainting is a real threat. So, lay down the person to avoid sudden collapsing. Keep them comfortable and cool.

No self-medication
This is a must that you don’t turn to medication without consulting any doctor. So, wait for the right medical help without taking any medication on your own.

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