What to do immediately when someone is choking

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What to do immediately when someone is choking

There are many things in life that you can never predict. However, it is better to be aware and informed about basic survival ways. One of these unpredicted problems is choking. A person chokes when he or she has some blockage in the throat. That blockage restricts the airflow causing breathing problem. It can occur anytime to anyone. It can turn really dangerous for the victim. Therefore, it is important to know what to do when someone is chocking? (Also read: Amazing tricks and ways to make your everyday life simpler)

Mild chocking
Firstly, see what kind of choking it is. If the person is able to breathe and the problem is the partial blockage, then ask them to cough and spit the blockage out. The signs of the partial blockage are that during it, the person will either be able to cry or respond to you.

What to do in case of Severe choking?

In case of severe choking, the person will not be able to respond or even breathe. Due to the lack of oxygen in the body, his or her lips and fingernails start turning blue. In this case, you must take an immediate action to help the person dealing with it. (Also read: What to do immediately if a dog bites you)

How to help the person in case of severe choking?

Back blows
Simply stand behind the person and use your one to support the person’s chest and the push the person forward so that the stuck object can move forward. Then apply forceful blows to the person’s shoulder blades. Use the heel of your hand for this. Wait for a little after every single blow to check if the chocking has stopped.

Heimlich maneuver
It is an age-old trick of helping with the choking. However, it is important to be careful when you are opting for Heimlich manoeuvre. For this, simply stand behind the victim. Keep your arms around the victim and make him or lean. Turn your hand in the position of a fist and put it right below that breastbone. Place the other hand right on the fist and thrust the hands to push the victim stomach inwards. Apply thrust in an upward movement. Repeat this until you get the blockage out.

Always make sure that you remove the blockage or else it can be really dangerous. (Also read: How to perform CPR in the right way)

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