What to do immediately if a dog bites you

What to do immediately if a dog bites you

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Dogs are usually treated as man’s best friend. However, many times dogs can actually harm you. Dog bites can actually harm your physical health. Most people don’t think of this possible survival hack but like any other injury, this incident can happen anytime and anywhere. Often small kids are asked to stay away from the dogs as for them the dog bites can be fatal. Some breeds of dogs are trained to be guard dogs, as a result whenever they see any other person their first tendency is to attack. Therefore, the chances of dog attacks are pretty high. In general, the dogs are very sensitive to their owners so whenever they feel threatened they tend to lash out. (Also read: How to perform CPR in the right way)

How to treat a dog bite injury immediately?

Examine the bite
First of all, observe and examine the injury. You must know the severity of the injury to treat it in the right way. Sometimes, the injury is minor and can be treated at the home itself.

Clean the wound on time
Clean the wound with soap and water. It is very important to clean the germs around the wound. It is better that you use an antibacterial soap, else any other kind of soap is also fine. (Also read: What are the necessary safety tips during Earthquake)

 Use a clean towel
Try to use a clean towel to apply the right amount of pressure so that you can stop the bleeding.

Use an antibiotic ointment to treat the wound
Make sure you get an antibiotic treatment at the earliest to prevent any sort of infection.

Cover the bite
It is important to keep the wound to be away from the infection. So, use bandage to cover the dog bite injury,

Visit the doctor
A dog’s bite can actually cause serious injury. Therefore, it is better that you visit a doctor immediately to get the needed injection shots. (Also read: What is the first aid treatment for bone fractures in legs)

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