What things you should never compromise on for survival

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What things you should never compromise on for survival

When it comes to the question of survival, it is important to remember that survival is not just about staying alive. It is also about not harming and surviving. The danger can strike anyone, anytime and anywhere. However, it is important to remember that they are certain things that are must for your survival and you should never try to find a shortcut for them. So, what are these things that you must remember about survival? Let’s find out.  (Also read: How can you use the coffee filter for survival)

Clean Water
Finding clean water in the wilderness seems like a very tough task. Most of the times, people are tempted to simply drink water from any sources, without checking if it is clean or not. Also, sometimes people think that it is not important to filter the water. It can be fatal as water might be contaminated. (Also read: Survival Hack: How to start a fire using water)

Eating option
When you get stuck in the wilderness, chances are that you don’t have much to eat. So, many people pick things at random to eat. However, they forget that some plants and fruits are full of toxic material. So, be very careful of what you are eating for survival.

Nothing is above your safety during the times of survival. So, always make sure that whatever place you are is safe. Keep yourself away from the harm. Don’t move too much in the night, if it is at all possible.

When you are stuck you have to make the use of anything that is available to you. So, you have to think carefully about what all things you have and keep them handy. So that you can use them when there is a need.

Body temperature
Many people die due to hyperthermia as they are not aware of possible harms of not maintaining the right body temperature. If you are stuck in the cold environment, keep yourself warm and covered. (Also read: How to make your shoes waterproof at home)

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