What is the first aid treatment for bone fractures in legs

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What is the first aid treatment for bone fractures in legs

The breaking of bone and fracture is one of the most common injuries that can happen to anyone. Rushing to the doctor is the first thing we opt for, but sometimes we need to give first aid to the injured person. However, we should make sure that the person is not scared and is properly relaxed. When someone is hurt, he/she usually undergoes a lot of stress mentally. Thus, try to calm down the person. Besides this, you have to be careful as you are going to treat the fractured part of the body. Thus, you have to closely introspect the fracture part. The bone which is fractured, usually that parts swells up and is incapable to bear weight. (Also read: How to save someone from a burning car)

It even leads to loud cracking noise while the bone breaks out and even pierce the flesh in some cases. There are many complications which arise with the breaking of a bone. Splinting is the best method to provide relief in the broken bones. The bone needs to be placed back to the proper position to minimize the pain and the swelling.

How to treat the fractured bone of leg?

Take two forked branches that are strong and are 2 inches in diameter minimum. Now measure a distance of 12 inches from armpit to broken legs. From another measure 12 inches of distance from the groin to the broken leg. After this, the pad needs to be splinted. The branch which is measured 12 inches from the leg will have a branch of 2 inches of diameter in between the same. It’s a time when the splints should be tied together with cloth piece or the rope.(Also read: How to stop bleeding quickly in just 10 seconds)

Now with the same piece of cloth, wrap the ankle area as well. The free ends also need to be tied in order to close the same. Now the last step is to add a twisting stick at the end of the ankle wrap made of the cloth. Keep on twisting the same, until both the legs are made parallel.

If you can’t do the suggested method, make sure you seek someone’s help who has prior experience in the same. It’s a matter of bones, thus it should not be taken lightly. (Also read: How can you make rope out of a plastic bottle)

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