What are the survival hacks that won’t work in real life

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What are the survival hacks that won't work in real life

When it comes to believing things people believe anything they see or hear. This is especially true in the case of survival hacks. People believe anything that they see or hear on television or from a person. If you keep believing all the things without checking them out first then it can cause harm to the health of a person. It is always emotional to check the facts before you end up making a mistake. That is why we’ll busting the myths of the survival hacks that don’t work in the real life. So, let’s find out what these things are. (Also read: How to get chewing gum out of clothes)

Using ice to quench the thirst
When you are stuck in a place that just offers ice and there is no water then you must not depend on ice. Even ice is a form of water but it is a pure form that has no minerals and low density. It will damage your throat and ice and make you really sick. So, if there is no other way then you can have it after boiling it.

In case of snake bite, suck the poison
This is really an age-old myth that potentially ends your life. The venom of the snake spreads quickly and doesn’t stay at the point of the bite. So it is better that you stay away from sucking the poison, as you can get poison in your mouth as well. (Also read: How to Stretch Shoes That Are Too Tight)

You need to move when you are lost
When you are lost then your first thought is of panic. In that situation, it is important to stay calm instead of rushing here and there. Until and unless you are sure of the way don’t pick a path at random. People might trace to the place where you were last seen.

If you filter the water, that is enough
Water is the key element of survival. However, if you think the water is filtered with a cloth and that is enough, then you are wrong. The water can still be contaminated. (Also read: What are the weirdest survival hacks that you must know)

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