What are the safety precautions one should take during flood

What are the safety precautions one should take during flood and how to survive it

Flood is another natural disaster which gives no pre-warnings. It can onset anytime when the level of water rises or it rains in extreme. Surviving a flood is difficult and needs a lot of preparation and planning. A lot has to be done in order to protect your own self and your family from getting affected. Floods are capable of causing an extensive destruction to the land and the property. It can take many lives if it’s too severe. Thus, if you come across a little warning about the flood, get yourself prepared and start taking immediate actions to plan a rescue plan. (Also read: What are the do’s and don’ts in case of a snake bite)

What should be done during floods?

Find an appropriate higher ground: When the flood strikes, make sure you find a suitable upper or higher ground and safe place to find shelter at. Move towards the higher grounds with your family.

Avoid using streams or flooded roads: When you see that roads are flooded with water and there is destruction all around. Avoid it! Take other root or switch to a safe root which is not flooded. (Also read: How to save someone from drowning)

Run to your roof: If you find that your home and roads are flooded with water and there is no safe place. Then, rush to your roof to find shelter. This can be a temporary solution to find a shelter.

Stay updated: You should have the latest updates of the news. The rise and fall in the level of water or the chances of rain again should be your prior concern. You must know about the recent updates about the weather before planning the next step.

Switch off the electronics: During the natural disaster like floods, earthquake, or breakout of fire there is usually a possibility of a short circuit as well. So, make sure you switch off the electric appliances and do not use lift. Also, switch off the main supply of gas and electricity to avoid any risk.

Get ready for evacuation: You must be all your ears to the orders of evacuation. One has to evacuate the place completely in case there is a need. So, stay updated.

Evacuate the vehicle as well: If you are in your car or bus during the flood time. You should evacuate it as soon as possible. You must not sit or wait for something. Evacuate it before the situation goes worst. (Also read: What is the first aid treatment for bone fractures in legs)

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