What are the necessary safety tips during Earthquake

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What are the necessary safety tips during Earthquake

Earthquake is caused by the disturbance in the natural process of the environment. The sudden violent tremors that result in massive destruction are usually due to Earthquake. In India, over past few years, the frequency of Earthquake has been increasing. How can we forget the hard hit of Bhuj in 2001, which took around thousands of lives with its high magnitude? All these are the results of human activities and their selfish motives which are causing such destruction in the environment. However, no one knows when the earthquake will strike, yet we should be ready with the earthquake safety plan. Listed below are some of the things you should plan to ensure your safety during the earthquake.(Also read:  How to save someone from drowning)

  • Before building up a new house, ask your architecture to use good material and take earthquake preventive measures while constructing the building. Your building should not be hollow.
  • Make a spot in each of your room, which is empty and has no risk of anything falling on the people. This is the place where you can hide when the tremors are felt.
  • Ensure that your house is full of the basic necessities like food, clean water, dust masks, flashlights, ropes, radio etc.
  • You should be aware of the main turn off and turn on of the power and gas supply in the house.

Here are few things you should do, while the tremors strike:

  1. Take a shelter under the table and make sure it does not has anything which will fall on you.
  2. Stay indoors until the time the tremors stop and do not feel safe to move outside.
  3. If you feel a stop in the shakes, try to move out in an open space, probably a ground.
  4. Do not stand nearby any window.
  5. If you are outside your house, make sure you are not standing nearby any building. It has to be an open wide space. (Also read: How to save someone from a burning car)
  6. If you are driving while the earthquake strikes, try to stop near an open area as soon as possible.
  7. If you feel the tremors, try to inform the people, to ensure their safety.
  8. Try to switch off the main power supply of your home.
  9. Do not use lift during the earthquake.
  10. Enter your home once the tremors completely stop. They usually strike after different time intervals.
  11. Do not be in rush. (Also read: How to stop bleeding quickly in just 10 seconds)
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