What are the weirdest survival hacks that you must know

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What are the weirdest survival hacks that you must know

One can never predict the kind of disaster a person can get stuck in and there is the need for survival. Survival is not something that happens easily or on its own. You have to be smart vigilant and think instantly to save your life, whenever you are stuck with something. The best bet for survival is to think out of the box. There are few tricks and methods that one might find weird and unusual, but when it comes to survival these ways can turn into the best of help. So, let’s find out the weirdest survival hacks. (Also read: Unbelievable survival hacks that can save your life)

Don’t use dirty water to clean the wounds
When you are injured all you want to do is to clean the wound with water, but before you do that make sure the water is not contaminated or dirty. The contaminated water is full of harmful microorganisms that can harm the body, especially if exposed to an open wound.

Always remember to use the socks
The socks are amazing in times of survival. Make sure you are not travelling long distance without socks. They will not only keep you warm but also save you from the blisters.  (Also read: How your scarf can be used as a survival tool)

Use soda bottles to store food
The food is an important part of your survival. So, you have to use any form available to store the food. In that case, the soda cans are useful as they will keep your food safe and it will be easy to carry.

Lighter clothes to avoid the sunburn
If you have planned to go out in a sunny region, make sure that you are wearing lighter clothes. Dark clothes soak the sun rays and as a result, you might face the sunburn.

Soda can as a candle holder and get better light
The soda can is useful in a variety of manner. Cut the flaps out of the can vertically and put the candle in between. The flaps will provide reflection, thus better light.(Also read: How to filter the water easily)

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