Unbelievable survival hacks that can save your life

survival hacks that can save your life

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When the time of adversity arrives, it is completely unpredictable and surprising. The tragedy can strike anyone, anytime and anywhere. People think of all the ways possible to get out of the situation, that involves picking the best survival hacks to make an escape. There are few survival hacks that can save your life in the times of needs. When you know of these hacks then you can save your own life and of those who are around you. Survival depends on your skill sets and way of thinking. So, make sure you are aware of the below-mentioned hacks. (Also read: How your scarf can be used as a survival tool)

  • Don’t drink water without checking it first. When you are stuck in a difficult situation, you want to keep yourself hydrated. However, the water can be contaminated, so check the safety of water or filter and boil it first.
  • Crayons can be used as a candle. That is the case when you don’t remove the wrapper from the crayons. The wax in the crayon will help it to last longer.
  • If someone has forcefully entered your house, the best way to protect yourself is to move to the kitchen. As there are many things that can be used as weapons like forks, knives etc. (Also read: How to filter the water easily)
  • Don’t have wild mushrooms. When you are out in the wild, you may find the growth of mushrooms everywhere. However, it is better to avoid having them completely, as wild mushrooms are potentially poisonous.
  • Dogs are usually considered to a playful creature. However, if you encounter an angry dog then, the best way to deal with is to pretend that you are going to throw a stick or a rock. Don’t run from the stop.
  • If you are stuck somewhere with no electricity then you have the option of using a flashlight. To make the impact of flashlight better you can take a bottle of water, it should be transparent. Then the put the flashlight on the wall of the bottle. (Also read: How to remove scratches from eyeglasses)
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